(mp3) Words of Freedom Welcomes Richard Gage

Exclusive! George Flynn of Words of Freedom welcomes architect Richard Gage to the mainstream airwaves in Colorado.
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(video) South Tower: Explosive Reality

This is another in a series of kinematic analysis videos of events in the World Trade Center “collapses.” This video was provided to me by “plaguepuppy.” It measures two ejections from the side of the South Tower at over 100 miles per hour. See http://www.911speakout.org for more.

David Chandler is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Also see my interview from December 13, 2008 with David Chandler here: Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Physicist David Chandler, ae911truth.org

(video) Race With Gravity

The wave of horizontal mass ejection moving down the face of the North Tower of the World Trade Center is shown to move faster than heavy debris falling through air nearby. See http://www.911speakout.org for more.

David Chandler is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Also see my interview from December 13, 2008 with David Chandler here: Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Physicist David Chandler, ae911truth.org

(video) Freefall Acceleration of WTC7

Measurement of the collapse of Building 7 of the World Trade Center proves free-fall collapse rate. See http://www.911speakout.org for more.
David Chandler is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Also see my interview from December 13, 2008 with David Chandler here: Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Physicist David Chandler, ae911truth.org

(video) 4-Ton Girders: Blowing in the Wind?

4-ton girders were found as much as 600 feet from the base of the North Tower of the World Trade Center after its collapse. This raises obvious questions. How fast must they have been ejected from the collapsing building to land that far away? What forces were at work to give such massive structures high horizontal velocities? If anything besides gravity was at work, pandora’s box is opened up. For more, see http://www.911SpeakOut.org.

David Chandler is a member of Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

Also see my interview from December 13, 2008 with David Chandler here: Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Physicist David Chandler, ae911truth.org

Nanothermites and WTC dust

Nanothermites and WTC dust
by Kevin Ryan

This past year I’ve done some photomicroscopy of samples of WTC dust. A number of examples of the photos can be found in the latest AE911truth.org video. The related scientific analyses of the particles found in the WTC dust, in particular the red-gray chips first discovered by Professor Steven Jones, are ongoing.

But I’ve also spent some time making nanothermites, and igniting them. Here is a slideshow of 26 photomicrographs, half of which are nanothermite residues and half of which are ferromagnetic particles extracted from WTC dust samples. These photos share many things in common, including the presence of metallic microspheres, vesicular formations and red-orange chips. Sometimes it’s hard to remember which photo belongs to which category. If the nanothermite residues were mixed with concrete dust and glass fragments, it would likely be much more difficult to notice any differences.

You can see the slideshow here.


Interesting stuff, to be sure. And many thanks to Professor Jones, Janette MacKinlay, Shane Geiger, Mike Berger and others for the samples and inspiration. Scientific papers are on the way, of course, but sharing some of the photos now is worthwhile I think. Here’s to a truthful New Year!

“WTC7: NIST Admits Freefall” …The Movie

“WTC7: NIST Admits Freefall” …The Movie

NIST has now officially accepted that WTC7 came down with the acceleration of gravity, but they still couch it as a phase in a 5.4 second interval they claim matches the 5.4 seconds required for their model to collapse 18 floors. The starting point of their 5.4 second interval is totally arbitrary. This new video highlights the August 26 technical briefing and allows Sunder and Gross to shoot holes in their own feet. Part II, which is planned to come out in a week or two, will go into detail about the implications of freefall. A list of bullet points has been compiled on that topic already, but if anyone has a special take on it that they would like to feed into the mix, please contact me at dchandler@ae911tuth.org.
–David Chandler, AE911Truth.org

NIST Releases Final WTC 7 Investigation Report

NIST Releases Final WTC 7 Investigation Report


The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) today released its final report on the Sept. 11, 2001, collapse of the 47-story World Trade Center building 7 (WTC 7) in New York City. The final report is strengthened by clarifications and supplemental text suggested by organizations and individuals worldwide in response to the draft WTC 7 report, released for public comment on Aug. 21, but the revisions did not alter the investigation team’s major findings and recommendations, which include identification of fire as the primary cause for the building’s failure.

The extensive three-year scientific and technical building and fire safety investigation found that the fires on multiple floors in WTC 7, which were uncontrolled but otherwise similar to fires experienced in other tall buildings, caused an extraordinary event. Heating of floor beams and girders caused a critical support column to fail, initiating a fire-induced progressive collapse that brought the building down.

In response to comments from the building community, NIST conducted an additional computer analysis. The goal was to see if the loss of WTC 7’s Column 79—the structural component identified as the one whose failure on 9/11 started the progressive collapse—would still have led to a complete loss of the building if fire or damage from the falling debris of the nearby WTC 1 tower were not factors. The investigation team concluded that the column’s failure under any circumstance would have initiated the destructive sequence of events.

Other revisions to the final WTC 7 report included:

* Expanding the discussion of firestopping, the material placed between floors to prevent floor-to-floor fire spread;
* Clarifying the description of thermal expansion as it related to WTC 7’s shear studs and floor beams; and
* Explaining in greater detail the computer modeling approach used to define where and when the fire in WTC 7 started and the extent of window breakage as a result of fire.

With the release of the final WTC 7 report, NIST has completed its federal building and fire safety investigation of the WTC disaster that began in August 2002. A three-year study of the collapses of the WTC towers (WTC 1 and 2) was completed in October 2005. More than 20 changes in the U.S. model building and fire codes have already been adopted based on the findings and recommendations from the investigation.

NIST will now work with various public and private groups toward implementing additional changes to the U.S. model building and fire codes including those based on the 13 recommendations from the WTC 7 report (one new and 12 reiterated from the towers investigation).

The complete text of the final WTC 7 report, a video describing the WTC 7 investigation findings, a of all comments received on the draft WTC 7 report, a chart tracking the progress toward implementing all of the NIST WTC recommendations, and other materials may be accessed at http://wtc.nist.gov.

Graphic showing the buckling of WTC 7 Column 79 (circled area), the local failure identified as the initiating event in the building’s progressive collapse.
Credit: NIST Building and Fire Research Laboratory
View hi-resolution image

Media Contact: Michael E. Newman, michael.newman@nist.gov, (301) 975-3025


Editor’s Note:

For the first time in the history of modern steel high-rise building construction, fire alone has been blamed for the complete and total destruction of WTC 7, a massive 47 story steel framed high rise, the THIRD building that mysteriously “collapsed” on September 11th, 2001.

Please observe the following videos and ask yourself, could the failure of ONE column (Col. 79) explain the perfectly symmetrical and total failure of the entire structure built from massive steel columns and beams?

Now, please watch the following video and ask yourself, how did the BBC know WTC 7 (Solomon Brothers Building) was going to come down and even report that the building had “collapsed” 20 minutes before the building suddenly came down?

For more information on the mysterious “collapse” of WTC 7, please visit our friends at Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth and Richard Gage’s excellent analysis of the destruction of this massive 47 story tower on September 11th, 2001.

Visibility 9-11 Welcomes Richard Gage, AIA, Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth

This week Visibility 9-11 welcomes San Francisco Bay area architect Richard Gage, AIA, founder and driving force behind Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth.  To date, 477 architectural and engineering professionals and 2432 other supporters including A&E students have signed the petition demanding of Congress a truly independent investigation.

This discussion focuses around the AE911 slogan, “9/11: Re-examining the 3 WTC high-rise “collapses” and includes information relevant to the fall of the Twin Towers and WTC7 as well as the recently released and long awaited NIST report in the implosion of building 7.

Intermission music by Mos Def and Immortal Technique.

Ending music by Gary Moore.

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Richard Gage, AIA to Lecture in Denver Colorado

Richard Gage, AIA to Lecture in Denver Colorado
Sponsored by Colorado 9-11 Visibility

In the years since 9/11/2001, millions of Americans have come to question the official narrative of the events of that day. The evidence simply doesn’t square with what we were told, and nowhere is this more plainly visible than in the manner that the World Trade Center towers “collapsed”. I hope you will join me when I come to Denver to give a live multimedia presentation on the topic of the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises. Bring your tough questions (there will be Q and A) and your friends—but please come and evaluate the evidence for yourself.

9-11 Blueprint for Truth – The Architecture of Destruction
Re-examining the World Trade Center Collapses
A Multimedia Event for Professionals and Everyone Else
Thursday, September 25, 2008, 7:00 pm
Marriott Tech Center
4900 So. Syracuse St., Denver
$10 suggested donation
The organization Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth is a fast-growing collaboration of more than 460 architectural and engineering professionals who are re-examining these high-rise collapses. The last few years have witnessed the emergence of mounting scientific evidence that the collapses of the Twin Towers and WTC Building 7 were not adequately explained by the official theories outlined in the 2002 FEMA and 2005 & 2008 NIST reports. The Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth call for a new, fully funded, unimpeachable Congressional investigation with subpoena power.
We present the evidence on our website and in live multi-media presentations throughout the country. Most A/E’s who have seen our multimedia presentation have joined us in calling for a new investigation from Congress!

What the Evidence Shows

Each of the WTC Twin Towers emitted explosive sounds well before the collapses began — reported by over 100 first responders in the FDNY recorded “Oral Histories” (the release of which was resisted by the City of New York until forced by a FOIA lawsuit by the New York Times). Numerous accounts of “flashes of light” reminiscent of demolition charges were also reported. Video footage reveals the striking symmetry, explosiveness and rapidity of the Towers’ destruction. Their destruction differed from the “classic” controlled demolition of WTC 7 (noted below) in their extreme explosiveness.
Each rubble site contained tons of molten metal “flowing like lava” in the basements — as attested by Leslie Robertson, WTC structural engineer, and numerous other contractors and first responders. Scientists have determined conclusively that thermate, a high-tech incendiary, was used — chemical traces of thermate were found in the steel and the dust. Each “collapse” exhibited thick billowing pyroclastic dust clouds thatrapidly expanded to over ten times the volume of the buildings. Each showed squibs (explosive ejections of pulverized building materials) easily seen in all the videos. The twin towers were supposed to have “pancaked” down, but there was no stack of floors found at the bottom everything was blown outside the footprint of the buildings in a 1,200-foot radius — and 90,000 tons of concrete, metal decking and floor trusses were completely missing from the debris field.

Most damaging to the official story was WTC Building 7 — a 47-story high-rise hit by an airplane and yet the third modern steel-framed skyscraper to collapse symmetrically at near free-fall speed on 9/11 (in 6.5 seconds) — in the exact manner of a controlled demolition with explosives. It collapsed into a neat, compact pile, exhibiting the classic features of controlled demolition
Rapid onset of collapse

*Sounds of explosions at ground floor — a full second prior to collapse

*Symmetrical collapse — through the path of greatest resistance — at near free-fall speed (i.e., the columns offered no resistance and had to have been “removed”)

*Collapse into its own footprint — with the steel skeleton broken up for shipment

*Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like dust clouds

*Tons of molten metal found in the basements by demolition workers

*Chemical signature of thermate (a high-tech incendiary) found in slag and dust samples

*Rapid oxidation and intergranular melting found (by FEMA) in the structural steel samples

*Expert corroboration from controlled demolition professionals

*Foreknowledge of collapse by first responders, media, NYPD, FDNY, etc.

You can review all of this evidence and much more online at AE911Truth.org

We hope you’ll join us in Denver on September 25.   For most of us, it takes great courage to even consider this evidence, and I applaud you for your willingness to keep an open mind while you evaluate it for yourself. It would be impossible for me to overstate the importance of doing so — for the sake of our democracy.
Sincerely, Richard Gage, AIA, Architect, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth – AE911Truth.org
Notes from a few Architects and Engineers…
AE911Truth exposes that a localized failure in a steel-framed building like WTC 7 cannot cause a catastrophic collapse like a house of cards at free-fall speed without a simultaneous and patterned loss of several of its columns at key locations within the building.”  -Kamal Obeid, PE, Structural Engineer, Fremont, CA

I think we were all shocked when the buildings came down; it just didn’t seem right. Richard Gage, AIA, does an excellent job uncovering the problems with the official explanation in a scientific, non-partisan way. It’s “An Inconvenient Truth” about 9/11 that everyone should be aware of. Brace yourselves.”  -Chris Mungenast, AIA, Somerville, MA
The presentation by AE911Truth.org brings serious doubt to the official story. It is very difficult to understand how all 3 Trade Center buildings could have come down the way they did, solely as the result of the 2 airplane impacts and resulting fires.”  -Jeffrey G. Arnold, Architect, Orinda, CA.

AE911Truth.org defies the official version of a complete structural failure of WTC Towers 1 and 2. AE911 proves that a free fall of these steel structures into their own footprint is a story without merit and a challenge to common sense.”  -Osvaldo Valdes, Architect, New York City
WTC Building #7 was hit by aircraft, yet it collapsed nearly at free-fall speed – similar to the towers. The small fires don’t explain this, and the two reports (FEMA and NIST) don’t address this or the molten metal found in the basement by the demolition contractors.  Why not?  What happened there?  I have serious questions as a result of Mr. Gage’s thought-provoking presentation.”  -John Cole, Architect, Walnut Creek, CA

I completely support AE911Truth.org.   Besides the prima facie evidence which they present well, I think there is a hidden truth in the lack of changes demanded by insurance companies and building code agencies as preventative measures. If they don’t want to change policy or method as a result of the “collapses,” then there is no truth to the official story.”  -Keith Burns, Architect, Warren Grove, New Jersey

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