Everybody can count to three – There were two airliners and three buildings. Please think for yourself.”

Dr. Niels Harrit interview on Age of truth tvhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j2Ovc8MgZyU
Discussion includes 9/11 controlled demolition of twin towers and building 7, among other issues
below is some overview…
“Western civilization is doomed unless face unanswered questions of 9/11”
Conflict is between top and bottom, not religious or ethnic
Academia is now controlled by government.
Honest forthright discussion of 9/11 has been scorned by academic institutions and media
Primary methodology via fear. Fear and actuality for losing ones job. alienation by one’s social group and/or worse
Evidence overwhelming for controlled demolition
Refutation overwhelming for official narrative
When asked about effective communication – “being where you are, instead of another place. you get further with a smile”
Q. How to prevent WW3?
A. Tell the Truth
Q. When asked about seemingly nonsensical theories
A. Show me the evidence
Q. What is the truth, how to seek, how to find?
A. Trust yourself. Trust what you see. And to see what you see is actually a bigger thing than it sounds like, because most people see what they’re expected to see.
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