Michael Wolsey Guest Hosts on Words of Freedom, part 2

68-1728030In this special broadcast of Visibility 9-11, Michael guest hosts the second of a series of interviews for the radio program Words of Freedom with George Flynn. Words of Freedom is aired on KRFC, 88.9 FM in Fort Collins, Colorado on Monday nights at 5:30 – 6:00 pm mountain time (no commercials).  This opportunity provides a valuable window to introduce 9-11 truth to an audience who rarely hear our message.  Many thanks to George for the honor of sitting in for him while he is away on business.

This episode features an interview with Dr. Stan Monteith of Radio Liberty.  Dr. Stan is an author, tireless researcher, investigative journalist and currently hosts 5 hours of talk radio every weekday, bringing information to listeners about many of the important issues which we face today, including the history of the major wars, the loss of freedom in America, state sponsored terrorism including September 11th, the un-Constitutional wars, among many others.

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