Typical Ad-Hominem Hit Piece Emerges in the Wake of Wednesday’s Historic Broadcast on KBDI

Typical Ad-Hominem Hit Piece Emerges in the Wake of Wednesday’s Historic Broadcast on KBDI

Just two days after the historic broadcast of 9-11 Press for Truth on KBDI Channel 12 in Denver, a hit piece on this event has been published at a Denver based “news” website.  In typical fashion that has become well known and easily recognizable, the article consists of straw-man arguments and ad hominem attacks.  The article is so sloppily written that the author even gets the city where KBDI is located wrong.  Please visit the comments section for this article and leave some feedback for Mr. Lee.  –Michael

PBS doesn’t just lean left, it falls down drunk left.

Last Wednesday (5/27/09), Mike Rosen interviewed Doug Price, CEO of Rocky Mountain PBS television, on his 850 KOA radio show. Price appeared on KOA to debate Rosen’s assertion (which he had previously made in his weekly Denver Post editorial column), that public broadcasting is left of center. Price tried for an hour to make the case that, while PBS (nationally) may “lean left”, his and other local public television stations, do not.

Just two days later, KDBI – public broadcasting in Boulder, CO ran a fundraiser during prime time featuring a video entitled, 9/11 Press For Truth, which presents a completely one-sided screed against the Bush Administration, claiming that (it) knew the 9/11 attacks were coming and did nothing to prevent them. The program neglects to interview any senior Bush White House personnel or to even mention the relevant intelligence that was made available to the Clinton Administration.

Executive Producer Kyle Hence, Director Ray Nowosielski, and family member Bob McIlvaine – who lost his son Bobby in the attacks on New York – were in the KBDI studios and extolled their film throughout the evening. Additionally, volunteers from Colorado 911 Visibility were on hand to answer phones, although they appeared without their trademark tin foil hats.
After the show aired, KDBI staff offered the DVD (as a premium) as they hawked membership donations. At that same time, those individuals directly associated with this far Left conspiracy, were allowed to proclaim on air, that “Bush Administration personnel should be criminally prosecuted” based solely on the case they presented in their own program.

Based on this example of station-sanctioned, Bush Derangement Syndrome (BDS), it appears that, despite the protestations and rationalizations of PBS exec Doug Price, Mike Rosen was indeed accurate (in his contention) that public broadcasting, like the Leaning Tower of Pizza, leans left – way left.

Original hit piece here.

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