South Tower Smoking Guns — A new AE911Truth YouTube video by David Chandler

This view of the destruction of the South Tower of the World Trade Center displays a remarkable number of features that support the interpretation that it was destroyed by explosives. I want to acknowledge the tremendous service provided by Nate Flach who serves as the defacto “video archivist” for AE911Truth. He is the one who first called this video to my attention, because of the huge number of simultaneous squibs on the west side of the building above the impact point.

The projectile at the end of the video that changes directions is a remarkable find. I haven’t seen this item commented on before, nor have others I have spoken to. A change in any component of momentum requires an impulse. Regardless of perspective effects, this projectile underwent a sudden loss of horizontal and simultaneous gain in vertical momentum. The fact that the white smoke trail intensifies at the turning point strongly suggests thermite (which produces white aluminum oxide smoke) as the source of the impulse. One debunker argument I can anticipate already is that the projectile was affected by the air flow from the falling debris. My response is that if that were the case the entire smoke trail would have been swept downward. Instead, you can see it make a sharp turn.

Another point that became clearer to me while making this video is the fact of the disintegration of the top of the South Tower and the utter incompatibility of this fact with a gravity collapse. Tony Szamboti, in a conversation with me, earlier this summer expressed the fact that an extended object in freefall has no internal stress. This is obvious upon reflection, but it is a concise statement of an important principle. He had another collapse in mind, but this principle underlines the smoking gun significance of the disintegration of the top 30 floors of the South Tower.

Near the end of the video I posted yesterday I pointed out a projectile that changed directions midair while trailing white smoke. After finding that projectile, I looked for it in other videos of the WTC2 collapse. I found a video from a similar point of view to the first (and Nate found me a high-res version of it), except in this video the trail can be followed all the way to the bottom of the collapse. This follow-up video explores the significance of this find.

Thank you Nate and Tony.

–David Chandler

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