9/11 Unmasked – Who is Qualid Benomrane

9/11 Unmasked - Who is Qualid Benomrane

The fact that former Director of the FBI Robert Mueller is zealously investigating the fake news nonsense of President Trump “colluding with Russia” in order to “fool” people into voting for him for President, is the punchline of a very sick joke.

Former director of the FBI Robert Mueller was an essential tool in the most obvious and most disgusting cover up in U.S. History. While he has no problem investigating fake news nonsense such as “Russian Collusion” he refused to investigate real news such as CIA – Saudi collusion in the 9-11 attacks.

The FBI never engaged in an investigation of the Saudi connection.”  – Rep. Stephen Lynch(3:28 mark)


Saudi Arabia—>CIA—>Whitehouse

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