Outspoken Arizona Senator Questions 9/11 Official Version Of Events

Outspoken Arizona Senator Questions 9/11 Official Version Of Events
Republican attacked for expressing opinion on September 11th cover-up

Steve Watson
day, April 25, 2008

State Sen. Karen Johnson, R-Mesa, has come under fierce criticism for going on record with her doubts over the government’s version of events surrounding the 9/11 attacks.

karen-johnson.gifFollowing a vote in the Senate Appropriations Committee on Arizona’s 9/11 Memorial, Johnson told Capitol reporters “There are many of us that believe there’s been a cover-up.”

Details of Johnson’s comments come in an vicious hit piece article in the Arizona Republic entitled Drinking the 9/11 Kool-Aid:

The senator gave details about her theories. The World Trade Center buildings could have been rigged with thermite to melt girders. The aircraft could have been drones rather than the commercial airliners most of us thought we saw crashing into the Twin Towers. As to what became of the missing passengers in the aircraft that (theoretically) did not explode against the towers: “That’s what I would like to know,” she said.

Citing no research whatsoever on such theories, and without referring to the hundreds of engineers, scientists, professors, former government and intelligence officials and prominent public figures who have voiced similar concerns over the official version of the attacks, which is about as water tight as a paper bag, the Arizona Republic continues the attack:

Now, we take no issue with private citizens believing whatever fever-swamp nonsense, however outlandish, they wish about their government.

We do take serious issue, however, with a public official affecting public policy on such grounds.

The conservative Republican senator, who has represented Mesa’s District 18 for nearly two decades, is renowned for her outspoken politics and devotion to the US constitution.

In the past she has chastised big government initiatives and social programs such as No Child Left Behind, saying they infringe on state’s rights.

She has previously come under attack, as “nutty” for voicing concerns on the secretive Security and Prosperity Partnership, which she, like many others, has warned represents a bureaucratic undermining of national sovereignty.

“It’s all because it’s going to be open,” Johnson has previously told Capitol Media Services. “It’s all going to be a ‘North American community,’ just like the European Union,” complete with the creation of a single currency just like the Euro.

“We will have no sovereignty, we will have no Constitution left… we are going to be ruled by unelected tribunals, bureaucrats that are unelected,” she said.

In February 2007 Johnson introduced Senate Concurrent Memorial 1002, a bill urging U.S. withdrawal from the SPP, and a North American Union. The text of the legislation is similar to other resolutions offered in South Carolina, Utah, Virginia, and Washington.

Johnson has also worked hard to introduce bills to overturn legislature outlawing carry concealed weapons on community college and public university campuses, a move that would give students, teachers and administrators a chance to protect themselves during a mass shooting.

She has also introduced a bill prohibiting schools from collecting fingerprints, hand geometry, voice recognition, facial recognition, iris scans and retinal scans
from students. Bill 1216 passed the Senate earlier this year. Johnson has also fought against REAL ID and the biometrically enhanced driver’s license.

Johnson has also been criticized in the past for holding a position on the board of the Church of Scientology’s Citizens Commission on Human Rights. The sum of her work here has consisted of sponsoring bills on its behalf to limit use of psychotropic drugs on children and to oppose mandatory mental health screenings for children.

A senator that actually cares about constitution law and US sovereignty, questions big corporate infested government and promotes freedom? Karen Johnson is undoubtedly kooky and most possibly evil.

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