It’s been a long while since I posted on 911Blogger, but I have tried to keep up with important developments on 911, courtesy of this website and others.

I recently released a new doc entitled “Counter-Intelligence” (‘Shining a light on black operations’). Like my previous films it has been released online for free.

Counter-Intelligence (CI) is long. Six hours. It is divided up into five parts. Each entry can be viewed as its own entity without reference to what comes before or after. Obviously the film as a whole is best viewed in its entirety from 1-5.

The full film can be viewed here:


Due to the length I composed a trailer, which also functions as a sort of short film. It is 15 minutes long:

CI contains original interviews with:

Christopher Simpson (Author, “The Science of Coercion”), Ray McGovern (Former CIA officer), John Judge (Coalition on Political Assassinations), Russ Baker (Investigative Journalist), Nafeez Ahmed (Author, “The War on Freedom”), Bill Christison (former CIA Officer), Robert Steele (Former CIA Officer), John Perkins (Author, “Confessions of an Economic Hit Man”); Peter Dale Scott (Author, “The Road to 911”); William I. Robinson (“Critical globalization studies”), Marcia Esparza (Historical Memory Project); James Petras (Professor Emeritus, Binghamton University); Michael Parenti (Historian); Graeme MacQueen (Center for Peace Studies); William Blum (Author, “Killing Hope”); Peter Phillips (Project Censored); Joel Kovel (“Author, Overcoming Zionism”); Diana Ralph (Independent Jewish Voices); Larry Pinkney (Black Commentator).

Topics include:

The structure of the modern intelligence agency; the evolution of the CIA; plausible deniability; compartmentalization and “need-to-know”; dirty tricks; election tampering; assassination; NGO’s and front companies; mercenary groups; the modern intelligence bureaucracy, including JSOC and NSA; alliances with organized crime; false flag operations; psywar; proxy wars; death squads, torture and demonstrative violence; civilian casualties in modern war; Islamophobia;  the Israeli factor; the politics of “conspiracy theory”; the war on whistleblowers; and the rise of drone warfare.

One of the things this documentary does is to completely debunk common claims/misperceptions about intelligence agencies and black ops: “someone would have talked”, “everyone would have known”, “governments cannot keep secrets”, and so forth. These A Priori arguments are used as a shield to prevent people from discussing 911 Truth, as well as various other highly controversial alleged black ops.

I also take on the term “conspiracy theory” itself. Here is a clip from Pt. 3. Entitled “The Politics of Conspiracy Theory”, I analyze the term as a propaganda device:

Pt. 3 of CI is the most comprehensive filmic study ever undertaken of false flag operations.

Pt. 4 deals with the “War on terror”. Although I do not delve into specific controversies about the 911 operation itself, I make it plain to see that skepticism of the official account is the only logical position.

A couple quotes about the film:

“Extraordinary…shines sunlight into the darkest crevices of empire run amok….Anyone who cares about democracy, good government, and the future will want to watch all five segments of this remarkable film.
– Robert Steele, Former CIA officer

“A tour de force…should be screening across the United States.”
– Mickey Huff, Director, Project Censored

Thank you.


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