H.R. 428 Could Send 9/11 Truth Mainstream

Join Ray McGovern in New York on Saturday, November 22!
FOIA Request Made for 28 Redacted Pages
Dear Supporter,
Several impressive developments over the last 18 months have lifted the 9/11 truth message into the mainstream news and public awareness. These developments include the Rethink911 campaign, CNN’s coverage of the alternative 9/11 Museum Guide and outreach effort, Richard Gage’s interview on C-SPAN, the debut of The Anatomy of a Great Deception, and the huge video billboard in Times Square depicting the collapse of World Trade Center Building 7.
Now there’s a new opportunity that holds great promise.
Join Ray McGovern, Ramsey Clark, and 9/11 family member Terry Strada in New York City on Saturday, November 22, in their call to:
End America’s Blindness . . . Restore Its Vision . . . Open the 28 Pages
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