Kennebunkport Warning Cartoon: We are Funded by the Ford Foundation Because we Oppose Divisive Language?

Not a bad likeness, although my friends say my chin isn’t as long. One thing for sure, they got my cheap sunglasses! For a background on the ongoing attacks on me, Cosmos, Arabesque, and Col. Jenny Sparks, be sure and read my essay, 9-11 Synthetic Error – The meltdown of Webster G. Tarpley. Also see The Kennebunkport Warning Controversy Reviewed.


Kennebunkport Warning Cartoon: We are Funded by the Ford Foundation Because we Oppose Divisive Language?

by Arabesque

barlet.gifIn yet another strange twist in the Kennebunkport Warning Controversy, a professional-quality cartoon suggests that Cosmos, Michael Wolsey, Arabesque, and Col. Jenny Sparks work for Chip Berlet and the Ford Foundation. Let’s examine this hilarious cartoon, shall we.

First of all, I have spoken out about Mr. Berlet; he is anti-9/11 truth and is not a credible source of information. Like all dubious sources, his material must be examined carefully and corroborated before acceptance at face value.

In the cartoon, we are seen marching against 9/11 truth and the Kennebunkport Warning with “FBI marching orders“, “poison pens“, and “funding” from the Ford Foundation. The claim that we “oppose” the Kennebunkport warning is demonstrably absurd. Take a look at the original post of the Kennebunkport Warning on 911blogger. Who supplied evidence to support the warning? It wasn’t Tarpley–he simply claimed “massive evidence” without at first providing any in the original post. It was me. If I “opposed” the warning, why would I support it with my own research? In fact, I’ve said all along I don’t oppose the warning.

In reality, Mr. Tarpley and his associates have continued to evade our complaint about the divisive language and accusations hurled against the anti-war activists. When we brought attention to this issue, Mr. Tarpley and his supporters started hurling the accusations at us.

Now let’s put this in perspective: Is Mr. Tarpley calling us “funded by the Ford Foundation”, and “CoIntelPro” because we oppose his divisive language?

If so, that is one of the most ridiculous accusations I have ever heard. It’s too bad I don’t have the “funding” to commission hilarious and professional-quality cartoons in response.

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