THE ATTACKS OF 9/11 – Treason is the reason for the reason for the 28 missing pages.

Want to take a peak at what is in those 28 pages that were blacked out of the Joint Inquiry?

A meeting between Prince Bandar, the brother in law of the head of Saudi Intelligence, and Governor George Bush, CIA headquarters is named after his father.

“My dad told me before I make up my mind, go and talk to Bandar. One, he’s our friend. Our means America, not just the Bush family. Number two, he knows everyone around the world who counts. And number three, he will give you his view on what he sees happening in the world.”

“There are people who are your enemies in this country,” Bush said, “who also think my dad is your friend.”
“So?” asked Bandar, not asking who, though the reference was obviously to supporters of Israel, among others.
Bush said in so many words that the people who didn’t want his dad to win in 1992 would also be against him if he ran. They were the same people who didn’t like Bandar.

“Can I give you one advice?” Bandar asked.
“Mr. Governor, tell me you really want to be president of the United States.”
Bush said yes.
“And if you tell me that. I want to tell you one thing. To hell with Saudi Arabia or who likes Saudi Arabia or who doesn’t, who likes Bandar or doesn’t. Anyone who you think hates your dad or your friend who can be important to make a difference in winning, swallow your pride and make friends of them. And I can help you. I can help you out and complain about you, make sure they understand that, and that will make sure they help you.”
Bush recognized the Godfather’s advice. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. But he seemed uncomfortable and remarked that that wasn’t particularly honest.
“Never mind if you really want to be honest,” Bandar said. “This is not a confession booth. If you really want to stick to that, just enjoy this term and go do something fun. In the big boy’s game, it’s cuttthroat, it’s bloody and it’s not pleasant.” -pages 4-5

In June 1999, while Governor of Texas, Bush announced his candidacy for President of the United States.

While George Bush would win the Presidential election in Late 2000, and a new Vice President, a new Secretary of Defense, a new Secretary of State, and a new National Security Advisor would take their offices. The CIA Director would remain the same. So would the counter terrorism Czar, Richard Clarke but for some unexplained reason Clarke was demoted with the arrival of the new Administration.

“Some CIA sources say that George Tenet set the tone for the CIA’s Saudi relationship by relying heavily on developing close relationships with top Saudi officials, including Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz, then the Saudi ambassador to the United States. Tenet met regularly with the Saudi ambassador. CIA officers familiar with the agency’s relationship with Saudi Arabia say that about once a month, Tenet would slip away from CIA headquarters and travel to Bandar’s nearby estate in McLean, Virginia, for quiet talks.”

“Bandar and Tenet had a very close relationship,” said one CIA officer. “Bandar had a unique role, he was in charge of the American relationship for Saudi Arabia.”

“But some CIA officers handling Saudi issues complain that Tenet would not tell them what he had discussed with Bandar, making it difficult for agency officials to know the nature of any deals their boss was arranging with the Saudis.” page 188

Meanwhile “The Planes Operation” which was an idea of KSM and his former co-horts Ramzi Yousef and Abdul Murad and known about for years by the intelligence agencies*(1) which is one reason why he was already wanted under a sealed indictment, was no longer an idea, but was becoming operational. CIA and NSA were monitoring Al Qaeda’s communication switchboard in Yemen where future 9/11 hijacker Khalid al-Mihdhar happened to live and so knew of a planned meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Kuala Lumpur terrorist Meeting organized by Hambali

“Hambali planned and attended the January 2000 Al Qaeda Summit in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Among the others present were two September 11 hijackers, Khalid al-Mihdhar and Nawaf al-Hazmi. This gathering in Kuala Lumpur was observed by the CIA and Malaysian authorities, but what specifically was being said at the meetings was not picked up. Hambali also provided money and documents to Zacarias Moussaoui in October of that year.”

Pictures and videos were taken while the terrorists were under surveillance but supposedly no sound.

“Soon after, the CIA asked the Malaysian security service to spy on the Kuala Lumpur meeting, which took place as planned on January 5, 2000. The Malaysians’ attempt to plant hidden microphones failed. But the Malaysian liaison services managed to take multiple photograghs of the terrorists, all of whom were unidentified at the time except for Mihdhar. The photos were also sent to the CIA.” – page 14

The story is, the CIA let it to the Malaysian liaison services to bug the meeting, instead of doing it themselves. It is generally understood that this was where “The Planes” operation was discussed.

From the Joint Inquiry:

“It was later determined that Khallad bin-Atash, a leading operative in Bin Ladin’s network, also attended the meeting. According to DCI Tenet, Khallad was “the most important figure at the Kuala Lumpur meeting” and he would later become “a key planner in the October 2000 USS Cole bombing.”

And The 9-11 Commission report says this about the Kuala Lumpur meeting…….

“Hazmi arrived in Kuala Lumpur soon thereafter and may even have stayed briefly with Khallad and Abu Bara at Endolite. Mihdhar arrived on January 5, probably one day after Hazmi. All four operatives stayed at the apartment of Yazid Sufaat, the Malaysian JI member who made his home available at Hambali’s request.”

The authorities (CIA) still wont admit that KSM stayed at this apartment as well. Because as the wikileaks prison records will show, the surveillance of Mihdhar and Hazi would lead straight to KSM who was already wanted for the bojinka plot and the plot to fly planes into buildings. This conveniently avoids the question of why didn’t the CIA have KSM arrested at this point?

WikiLeaks Reveals Secret Files on All Guantánamo Prisoners

Hambali’s folder….

“KU-10024 spent a week at an apartment detainee arranged for him in the Song Gai Long district of Kuala Lumpur, MY. At this apartment, KU-10024 stayed with 11 September 2001 hijackers Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar.”

KU-10024 is the prisoner number for KSM-for proof of this go here…..

“ISN 10024 [US9KU-010024DP]”

DCI Tenet testified that, “In early January 2000, we managed to obtain a photocopy of al-Mihdhar’s passport as he traveled to Kuala Lumpur.” This gave the CIA al-Mihdhar’s full name, his passport number, and birth information. It also showed that al-Mihdhar held a U.S. visa, issued in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

The DCI told the Joint Inquiry:
“We had at that point the level of detail needed to watchlist [al-Mihdhar] – that is, to nominate him to State Department for refusal of entry into the US or to deny him another visa. Our officers remained focused on the surveillance operation and did not do so. Surveillance photographs of the meeting were taken by the [___________] and transmitted to CIA Headquarters. When the meeting ended, al-Mihdhar, al-Hazmi, and Khallad (under a different name) flew to Thailand seated side by side.”

Office of the CIA Inspector General:

“At the outset, we note that the CIA has acknowledged that it obtained information that Mihdhar had a U.S. visa and that Hazmi had traveled to the United States, and that the CIA should have placed their names on U.S. watchlists, but that this did not occur. 179*
The CIA OIG is reviewing this matter to determine why this failure occurred and who is responsible for it.

*179.Mihdhar and Hazmi were placed on watchlists by other countries, including Thailand.

CIA OIG Report:
“In the period January through March 2000, some 50 to 60 individuals read one or more of six Agency cables containing travel information related to these terrorists.”

CIA OIG Report proved CIA Director committed perjury During Joint Inquiry hearings…..

SEN. CARL LEVIN: My question is do you know why the FBI Was not notified of the fact that an al-Qaida operative now was known in March of the year 2000 to have entered the United States? Why did the CIA not specifically notify the FBI?

Tenet: It was an information-only cable from the field, and nobody read that information-only cable.

Tenet Lies to Joint Inquiry

“Those documents show that on Aug. 23, 2001, Tenet was given an alarming briefing focusing on Moussaoui, titled “Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly.” Tenet was told that Moussaoui was training to fly a 747 and, among other suspicion-arousing data, had paid for the training in cash.”

The Director of the CIA also committed perjury during the 9-11 commission hearings. When the FBI in Minnesota was begging to search Zacarias Moussaoui’s computer -well that could ruin everything. So after Tenet was given a briefing titled “Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly”, about Moussaoui, he flys down to Texas to see the President in person the next day.

“August 25, 2001
The CIA briefings, I have on our porch, the end of our porch looking out over the lake. When Tenet came up, that’s where we visited, out there. You know, everybody wants to see the ranch, which I’m proud to show it off. So George Tenet and I — yesterday, we piled in the new nominees for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, the Vice Chairman and their wives and went right up the canyon.” — G Bush

George Tenet Lies to the 9/11 Commission

Tenet denying he ever saw President in August

The CIA has never explained this massive costly “failure” on these terrorists and why their arrival in America was kept from other agencies including the counter terrorism czar himself as he explains here….

They got away with it.flv

But there was another intelligence agency that knew about these terrorists. In fact they and the CIA seemed share quite a bit. According to Lawrence Wright in his Pulitzer Prize winning book “The Looming Tower”……….

“The CIA already had the names of Mihdhar and Hazmi, however. Saeed Badeeb, Prince Turki’s chief analyst in Saudi intelligence, had previously alerted his American colleagues that they were members of al_Qaeda in one of the monthly meetings in Riyadh.” page 310

The CIA did their part, now the Saudi Intelligence would do theirs…….

Let’s name the “Unnamed” foreign Government, and take a small peak at what’s in those classified 28 pages of the Joint Inquiry

“BOISE, Idaho — A Saudi graduate student at the University of Idaho was indicted yesterday on charges he supplied his computer expertise to terrorist groups. Prosecutors said Sami Omar Al-Hussayen, 33, put together Web sites to recruit members and raise money for Muslim terrorist activities. He was charged with providing material support to terrorism.
Extensive electronic surveillance revealed that he “had contacts with people that are al-Qaida and al-Qaida associates … people we would consider very significant in UBL’s arena,” a federal criminal justice source told the Seattle Post-Intelligencer shortly after his arrest. UBL is a law enforcement acronym for Osama bin Laden.

“He’s in touch with people who could pick up the phone, call UBL, and he would take the call.”

His Uncle………

“Saleh Hussayen is a prominent Saudi government official who fell under suspicion following the Sept 11th attacks when it was discovered that three of the hijackers, Hani Hanjour, Khalid Almihdhar, and Nawaf Alhazmi had checked into the Marriott Residence Inn in Herndon, Virginia, the same hotel he was staying at, the night before the attacks.

He was questioned by the FBI shortly after the attacks, but reportedly feigned a seizure during the interview and was taken to a nearby hospital where it was reported he was in perfect health. Since then, no complicity has been proven and it remains murky whether his meeting with the hijackers was coincidental.”

The FBI Agent who interviewed Saleh al-Hussayen on the eve of September 11 speaks….

“Interview of FBI Special Agent _________

________participated in one interview of Saleh al-Hussayen.
_________received a lead that Hussayen stayed in the same hotel as some of the hijackers prior to 9/11. Before interviewing him, ___{9/11 classified information}___________________. She also determined that he had a connection to _______.
As his wife was speaking with ____________noticed that Hussayen was muttering and drooping his head. _________asked if he was OK. His wife dismissed her concerns and said he was fine.
__________called the paramedics. When the paramedics arrived, they asked _______if Hussayen could have been “faking it.”
Hussayen was taken to the hospital.”

While at the hospital the FBI agent continued speaking with the wife……

“She said that she and her husband had come to the U.S. for a “holiday.”
His wife stated that Hussayen had a “brother” in Idaho, but they did not visit him. His wife also stated that while in the Washington, DC area, she and her husband did not visit any monuments or museums, which __________thought was odd.
When _____________asked her how and why she had a Virginia drivers license, she stated that she thought it would be a good “souvenir,” that she had got it on 9/10/01, and that a friend of theirs or __________helped her get it.

At the hospital, _________asked Hussayen’s wife whether she thought her husband could have been involved with the events of 9/11 in any way. The wife responded, “I don’t know,”__________found this response extremely unusual.

Hussayen was released from the hospital within 2 hours, which led _______to believe that whatever his condition it would not have been that serious.

__________thought it significant that the couple had traveled to several cities and met with numerous individuals but the wife did not know who they were or what her husband discussed with them; that Hussayen’s wife wanted a Virginia driver’s license as a “souvenir,”and that Hussayen’s severe reaction started when ________had asked his wife why they moved to the hotel where they were staying at the time of the interview. Hussayen’s wife said that they had moved to that hotel from another in the area because they wanted a kitchenette, but ___________found that explanation suspicious in view of the fact that there was nothing in the fridge nor any indication that the kitchenette had been used at all.”

He was just one of several suspicious Saudis flying out of the country as soon as possible……

“On September 19, 2001, once the ban on International flights had been lifted, Hussayen was allowed to leave the United States and return to Saudi Arabia. Five months later he joined the Saudi government as President of the Affairs of the Holy Mosques Masjid al-Haram (Grand Mosque) in Mecca and Al-Masjid al-Nabawi (Prophet’s Mosque) in Medina.”

FBI documents reveal more about these flights……..

“Event: On 9/19/01 A 727 plane left LAX, Ryan FLT #441 To Orlando FL W/ETA of 4-5PM.
The Plane was Chartered either by the Saudi Arabian Royalty Family or Osama Bin Laden.” page 3/224

That was one flight. There were several, including this one…..

“The Saudi Arabian group was headed by H.R.H. Prince Ahmed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz” page 11/224

Who is Prince Ahmed Bin Salman Bin Abdulaziz?

“By March 2002, the terrorist called Abu Zubaydah was one of the most wanted men on earth.

Zubaydah’s capture and interrogation, told in a gripping narrative that reads like a techno-thriller, did not just take down one of al-Qaeda’s most wanted operatives but also unexpectedly provided what one U.S. investigator told Posner was “the Rosetta stone of 9/11 … the details of what (Zubaydah) claimed was his ‘work’ for senior Saudi and Pakistani officials.”

…cia men flew Zubaydah to an Afghan complex fitted out as a fake Saudi jail chamber, where “two Arab-Americans, now with Special Forces,” pretending to be Saudi inquisitors, used drugs and threats to scare him into more confessions.

Yet when Zubaydah was confronted by the false Saudis, writes Posner, “his reaction was not fear, but utter relief.” Happy to see them, he reeled off telephone numbers for a senior member of the royal family who would, said Zubaydah, “tell you what to do.” The man at the other end would be Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, a Westernized nephew of King Fahd’s and a publisher better known as a racehorse owner. His horse War Emblem won the Kentucky Derby in 2002. To the amazement of the U.S., the numbers proved valid. When the fake inquisitors accused Zubaydah of lying, he responded with a 10-minute monologue laying out the Saudi-Pakistani-bin Laden triangle.”,9171,1101030908-480226,00.html

When the CIA was asked by the 9-11 commission about this, they destroyed Zubaydah’s videotapped interrogation and ignored the Commissions questions…………

“Late in its investigation, reacting to press allegations that Abu Zubaydah had referred to a Saudi prince in his interrogations, the Commission asked “what information does the CIA have” about whether such assertions were made in Zubaydah’s interrogations. (CIA Question for the Record No. 3, dated May 20, 2004). We knew the CIA believed this was untrue but we asked the question formally to get any relevant information for the record. We cannot find a record of a CIA response.”

The Killer Bs Bandar, Basnan, and Bayoumi, all with close ties to Saudi Intelligence

Saudi Ambassador Price Bandars’ wife is the sister of the head of Saudi Intelligence Prince Turki

“An FBI investigation leaked over the weekend traced regular monthly bank-certified cheques worth $3,500 (£2,200) from the princess’s account to a Saudi woman called Majida Dwaikat starting in early 2000, which was when Mrs Dwaikat’s husband, Osama Basnan, befriended al-Hazmi and al-Midhar in San Diego.

Newsweek magazine reported yesterday that there was more evidence linking Mr Basnan to Riyadh, saying he visited Houston in April just as Crown Prince Abdullah passed through with a large government entourage. The magazine quoted sources as saying Mr Basnan met “a high Saudi prince who has responsibilities for intelligence matters”.

Mrs Dwaikat is reported to have signed over many of the cheques from Princess Haifa to a friend, Manal Ahmed Bagader, the wife of another student in San Diego, Osama al-Bayoumi, who had links with the same two hijackers.

Mr al-Bayoumi threw a party for al-Midhar and al-Hazmi when they arrived in 2000, guaranteed the lease on a flat next door to his own and paid their first two months’ lease.”

Diah Thabet-a Friend of Saudi Agent Basnan:

“Thabet spoke frankly regarding his personal opinion of hijackers Al-Mihdhar and Al-Hazmi. Thabet told ______that referenced hijackers were “more than heroes” and “they (the hijackers) had reached such a high level of spirituality that they were calm even knowing they were about to die.” Thabet knew the hijackers Nawaf Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al- Mihdhar. Thabet went on to say that he knew Omar Bakarbashat and others detained as a result of the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, had asked permission from Muslim religious leaders to commit suicide. Thabet said the permission had not yet been granted. Thabet did not elaborate on how he knew of the suicide requests.”

FBI Agent speaks

“Interview of FBI Special Agent_____________

_____________was the case agent for Diah Thabet. The investigation focused on Thabet’s association with a group of males who hung out at the Mediterranean Cafe in downtown San Diego. Although Osama Basnan, one of this group, originally was thought to be its leader (based on source reporting), Thabet, who is about 40 years old, emerged as the most authoritative figure. _________________________________With respect to Basnan, Thabet downplayed their relationship but stated that Basnan tended to exaggerate a lot. _____pointed out that ________________Thabet and Basnan to be quite close.”

FBI Agent who investigated Basnan;

“Event: Interview of FBI Special Agent __________

_________was subsequently officially assigned to a counter-terrorism squad investigating Osama Basnan, _______,_________and Diah Thabet for about 1.5 years.

There was a roomful of people present at the location where he was pursuing that lead, and as he was about to leave he asked whether anybody had any information possibly related to the 9/11 attacks, ________was in the back of the room, and he silently nodded “yes.”

__________told ________that he knew somebody named Osama LNU(Last name unknown)who was very radical and whom ______had a gut feeling might have had something to do with the attacks. ________also provided a phone number for Osama LNU.

________did some initial research and determined that the individual ________was talking about was Osama Basnan. ___________{9/11 classified information}________-also found an FBI document describing extremist jihadi materials that were found in a car registered to Basnan in the Virginia area. _______decided to do some initial investigation regarding Basnan.

For instance, he played down his relationship with Omar Al-Bayoumi, stating that he did not know him very well…….According to _________Bayoumi and Basnan are the closest of friends. ________moreover, has corroborated this account. Furthermore, _____stated, phone records reveal roughly 700 calls between various phones subscribed to by Bayoumi and Basnan over a one year period(even discounting some of the calls in view of the friendship between their wives, the calls between their cell phones are most likely between the two men).

__________remarked that he was recently reviewing an interview report from 10/30/01 of George Harb, his landlord, and noticed that Harb received a page on 2/15/00 from a telephone number that turns out to be that of Omar al-Bayoumi’s cell phone. However, in his interview, Harb stated that when he returned the page, he spoke with Nawaf al-Hazmi. ________found this significant because it suggests either Bayoumi was helping the hijackers make housing arrangements other than Parkwood or that the hijackers were at least using Bayoumi’s cell phone during this period.

________stated that he was 98% sure that the hijackers were likely using Bayoumi’s cell phone during the first couple of months of 2000 and therefor the calls from that phone should be analyzed carefully…….._______noted that there are numerous calls to numbers that have never been investigated, and he believed this should be an issue of grave concern. Who were the hijackers potentially contacting at this time?”

“Who were the hijackers potentially contacting at this time?”

Well this FBI report says they were contacting Saudi Officials in Washington DC and Los Angeles California. If they weren’t then Bayoumi was.

“Omar Al Bayoumi
Employed by Dallah al Baraka

A review of the following calls indicate a total 141 calls made by telephone numbers associated with _________to entities of the Saudi Arabian government in the Washington D.C. Area.

In connection with calls made to entities of the Saudi Arabian government in the Los Angeles, California area, there were 34 calls made.”

Back to the FBI Agent investigating Basnan….

“When asked whether there were any other 9/11 leads he found interesting, ________stated that one interesting fact is that Osama Basnan’s_________________________was in phone and e-mail contact with Ramzi Binalshibh in September 2000.

______also stated that another interesting lead concerned an individual named ______._______had connections with Basnan and other relevant subjects and had attended flight training. He lived in San Diego at the same time as the 9/11 hijackers, and he also attended the ICSD. In an interview dated 11/9/01, a flight instructer recounted how on May 23 of that year _______had been asking a lot of suspicious questions about radar coverage during a tour of a local aviation facility.”

What’s not redacted in the Senate and Congress Joint Inquiry….

FBI Investigation reports reveal Osama Basnan as working for Saudi Intelligence:

“The possibility of ____________being affiliated with the Saudi Arabian Government or the Saudi Arabian Intelligence Service is supported by ________________Listing his employment in 1992 as the___________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________.
On October 17, 1992 ___________hosted a party at his house in Washington D.C. for Sheik Omar Rahman, convicted mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Towers bombing.

I know this is Basnan they are referring to because of this in the Joint Inquiry….

“In 1993, the FBI received reports that Bassnan had hosted a party for the “Blind Sheikh” in Washington, D.C. in 1992. However, the FBI did not open an investigation].” pages 178-179

Also in the joint inquiry the person Bandar has sent thousands of dollars to…..

“After September 11, the FBI developed information clearly indicating that Bassnan is an extremist and a Bin Ladin supporter.” -page 177

Secrets of the Kingdom: 9/11 Secret Saudi-U.S. Connection

“In San Diego, they stayed at al-Bayoumi’s apartment for several days until he was able to find them an apartment. He then co-signed their lease, paid their security deposit and first month’s rent, arranged a party to welcome them to the San Diego community, and tasked another individual to help them become acclimated to the United States. [_______________________ ___________________________]. The second individual served as their translator, helped them obtain bank accounts and drivers’ licenses, and assisted them in locating flight schools.” Page 27

Saudi Agent Bayoumi drives to Saudi Consulate in L.A. Meets Saudi Consulate Official Fahad al-Thumairy – Then meets the Hijackers and invites them to San Diego.

“When they arrived at the consulate, al-Bayoumi met with someone behind closed doors. Al-Bayoumi and the person with whom he had traveled to Los Angeles went to a restaurant, where they met al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar. Al-Bayoumi struck up a conversation with al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar after he heard them speaking Arabic, and he invited them to move to San Diego. Al-Bayoumi returned to San Diego after leaving the restaurant, and al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar arrived in San Diego shortly thereafter.
According to another person the FBI interviewed after September 11, al-Bayoumi said before his trip that he was going to Los Angeles to pick up visitors”. – pages 172-173

“Since September 11, the FBI has learned that al-Bayoumi has connections to terrorist elements”. – page 173

“Several persons informed the FBI after September 11 that this imam had closed-door meetings in San Diego with al-Mihdhar, al-Hazmi, and another individual, whom al-Bayoumi had asked to help the hijackers]”

Saudi Intelligence agent Bayoumi uses a gullible dupe in a sloppy plausible deniability scheme when he went to the Saudi Consulate then met with the hijackers at the Mediterranean Cafe.

“As for the trip to Los Angeles, al-Bayoumi asked Bin Don either one or two days before the two of them actually traveled to Los Angeles if Bin Don would accompany al-Bayoumi to the Saudi Arabian (Saudi)Consulate.
Bin Don said that al-Bayoumi drove his (al-Bayoumi’s)automobile to the consulate in Los Angeles.
Bin Don said that al-Bayoumi followed the consulate employee into the offices of the consulate while Bin Don waited in the reception area. After some period of time, al-Bayoumi reappeared carrying a box of Korans and other religious materials. Bin Don and al-Bayoumi left the consulate by returning to al-Bayoumi’s automobile…….
After their prayers, al-Bayoumi suggested that they both go to a nearby halal restaurant. Al-Bayoumi drove from the KFM to the restaurant, which Bin Don recalls as being located on Venice Boulevard in Culver City. They found a parking place in front of what al-Bayoumi stated was the restaurant. They went inside and determined that this business was not a restaurant but a halal meat market. The proprietor of the market told al-Bayoumi that there was a halal restaurant a short walk from the market. Al-Bayoumi and Bin Don left the market and walked to the restaurant named the Mediterranean Cafe. Bin Don noted that they did not have to move the automobile.”

“Bin Don and al-Bayoumi ordered their food over a counter, in a fashion similar to a fast food restaurant. They then sat in an “alcove” to wait while their food was prepared. While they were waiting at the table, Nawaf al-Hazmi and Khalid al-Mihdhar walked into the restaurant. Al-Bayoumi asked al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar their names and where they were from. They told al-Bayoumi that they were from Saudi Arabia. The conversation was in Arabic, but al-Bayoumi occasionally translated the responses of al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar into English. Bin Don said that al-Bayoumi offered to buy a meal for the two in the “Islamic tradition.”…..Bin Don said that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar told al-Bayoumi that they were living in an apartment “nearby.” Al-Hazmi went on to tell al-Bayoumi that they had just arrived in the United States and were studying English. Bin Don said that the exchange was vague to him, since he only spoke limited Arabic. Al-Bayoumi suggested that the two Saudis come to San Diego, and he and al-Hazmi apparently exchanged telephone numbers. Bin Don was asked if he specifically recalls that al-Hazmi had a telephone, or whether al-Bayoumi only provided his telephone number. Bin Don could not recall the exact sequence. After about thirty minutes al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar left the restaurant. Bin Don said that they did not have a motor vehicle. He does not recall the direction that they walked after leaving the Mediterranean Cafe.”

“The next time that Bin Don saw either al-Hazmi or al-Mihdhar was at the Parkwood Apartments on Mt. Ada Avenue in San Diego. Bin Don recalls that al-Bayoumi asked him if he wanted to stop by the apartment of al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar “to see how they were doing.” After leaving the apartment, al-Bayoumi mentioned to Bin Don that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar had visited San Diego previously.”

“Bin Don’s next contact with al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar occurred when al-Bayoumi invited Bin ‘Don over for a party. Upon arriving at al-Bayoumi’s residence in the Parkwood Apartments complex, Bin Don was met by al-Bayoumi out front and was told that the party had been moved to what turned out to be al-Hazmi’s and al-Mihdhar’s apartment. Bin Don understood that the purpose of the party was to welcome al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar to San Diego. Bin Don videotaped the party at the request of al-Bayoumi, using al-Bayoumi’s video camera. Some of the guests at the party did not want to be videotaped and Bin Don assumed that this was for religious reasons…….Nawaf al-Hazmi is not videotaped and Bin Don now believes that he (al-Hazmi) asked that he not be videotaped.”

Bin Don said that al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar told al-Bayoumi that they were living in an apartment “nearby.”
Bin Don said that they did not have a motor vehicle. He does not recall the direction that they walked after leaving the Mediterranean Cafe.

In a not so amazing coincidence Saudi Consulate Fahad Al Thumairy just happened for some reason to have several apartments leased in his name within walking distance.
The Hijackers stayed in an apartment in Los Angeles from the time of their arrival on Jan 15 2000 until they moved to San Diego in early Feb. The evidence strongly suggest it was the Saudi Consulate Fahad Al-Thumairy that set them up with housing upon their arrival in the U.S. He also supplied them a driver, and Saudi Agent Bayoumi covered up Thumairy’s housing them, as we shall see shortly.

“On January 15, 2000, Al-Hazmi and Al-Mihdhar flew from Bangkok, Thailand to Los Angeles, Ca, on United Airlines Flight 2”.

FBI Report states the following:

“One or two days after the arrival of the Saudis, Benomrane was at the King Fahad Mosque. While at the mosque Sheik Fahad Al-thumairy introduced Benomrane to the two Saudis and asked Benomrane if he could help them during their time in Los Angeles because they did not speak English. Benbmrane agreed and gave the Saudis, his taxi cab business card.

The next day the Saudis called Benomrane and asked him to pick them up and drive them around Los Angeles. Berromrane picked them up at their apartment complex and then drove them around. They then ate at the Mediterranean Restaurant located on Venice Blvd. At the end of the day Benomrane took them back to their apartment complex.

When asked by investigators who else knew about the two Saudis, Benomrane replied that no one at the Kind Fahad Mosque knew about them and that he was told by Sheik Fahad Al-Thumairy to keep the presence of, the two Saudis to himself. Benomrane did say that the Saudi Consulate knew about the two Saudis because it was the consulate that told Sheik Fahad to take care of the Saudis. Benomrane was told by Sheik Fahad that the Saudis were here to see their sick father who was in a local hospital.

During the interview, Benomrane was shown photographs of all the hijackers and numerous photographs of unrelated individuals. Benomrane looked at all the photographs carefully and placed all the photographs in a pile on the left side of the desk. When he viewed the photographs of AI-Mihdhar and AI-Hazmi, he placed the photographs on the right side of the desk.”

FBI Agent speaks

“Interview of FBI Special Agent _________

Basically, everyone had contact with Bayoumi. Bayoumi was in contact with Thumairy, at Thumairy’s home phone number…….During the same time period the hijackers arrived in the U.S., Bayoumi made calls to _____________. He also made calls to Al-Thumairy. The “chance meeting” between Bayoumi and the hijackers is very suspicious. The contact between Bayoumi and _________is also suspicious.”

Al Qaeda terrorist Bin Attash escorted into America by Saudi Consulate official in L.A.

From FBI 9-11 Investigation:

“Mohdar also reported that the hijackers met several people a the King Fahad mosque including a person identified as “Khallam”. According to Mohdar, Khallam visited the hijackers at the hotel that evening. Upon Khallam’s arrival, the hijackers asked Mohdar to wait outside. FBI investigation has determined that Mohdar and the hijackers stayed at Deno’s Motel on 06/09/2000. Information from FBI New York has revealed that on 12/31/1999, SAID SALEH BIN ATTASH, aka “KHALLAD” was a passenger from Bangkok to Los Angeles. Bin Attash is the alleged mastermind behind the bombing of USS Cole in Aden, Yemen. NewYork indicated that they had no record of Bin Attash actually entering the United States from that flight. New York opined that certain diplomatic arrangements exist at various airports which allow diplomats to meet incoming foreign nationals at the baggage carousels. New York opined that it may have been possible that someone from the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles may have met Khallad and escorted him through customs. Los Angeles can not confirm whether “Khallad” and “Khallam” are identical.”

CIA report confirms Bin Attash in Los Angeles

Heavily redacted CIA report:

“Senior Al-Qai’da operative and USS Cole Attack planner TawfIQ Muhhammad Bin Salah Bin Rushayd Bin (Attash) AKA (Khallad Bin Attash), was in the area of Los Angeles, California during June 2000 for approximately two weeks. While in Los Angeles, Bin Attash attended prayer services at a local Los Angeles area Mosque. Bin Attash was seen in the company of several foreign individuals_______________________________________________________________________________________________________Bin Attash was seen in the company of Los Angeles-based Sunni Extremists ____________________________________________Fahad al-(Thumairy)” — page 96/355

FBI Investigation report that Saudi Officials are contact men for 9/11 terrorists

“FBI Los Angeles Investigative Results:
Los Angeles has determined that __________may be a potential contact of the hijackers and __________ in Los Angeles. ________is an administrative officer at the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles and may have diplomatic status. _________is also believed to be one of the Imans at the King Fahad mosque.___________also fits the description, as provided_____________of the individual that ____________met at the Saudi consulate prior to _____________”chance” meeting with the hijackers at the restaurant.”

Fahad al-Thumairy is the name being deleted as the potential contact of the hijackers. Fahad al-Thumairy was an administrative officer at the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles, Bin Don provided the description that Bayoumi met at the Saudi consulate prior to his “chance” meeting with the hijackers. Fahad al-Thumairy’s name appears no where in the unclassified version of the joint inquiry. Therefore Fahad al-Thumairy is mentioned in the 28 pages that have been censured from the joint inquiry. Which is why the Chairman of the Joint inquiry that investigated the attacks and had 28 pages of their report blacked out by the CIA under orders of President Bush said this…..

“I am convinced that there was direct line between at least some of the terrorists who carried out the September 11th attacks and the government of Saudi Arabia, and that a Saudi government agent living in the United States, Omar al Bayoumi, provided direct assistance to September 11th hijackers Nawaf al Hazmi and Khalid al Mihdhar. Based on the evidence discovered by the Joint Inquiry, I further believe that al Bayoumi was acting at the direction of elements of the Saudi government and that an official from the Islamic and Cultural Affairs section of the Saudi Consulate in Los Angeles, Fahad al Thumairy, likely played some role in the support network for the 9/11 Attacks.” – Former U.S. Senator Bob Graham

The title of the Amazing FBI report is called……..

“Connections of San Diego PENTTBOMB Subjects to the Government of Saudi Arabia”

and in the first paragragh, although heavily redacted they are describing Osama Basnan. We know this because of this unredacted part of the joint inquiry report…..

“In 1993, the FBI received reports that Bassnan had hosted a party for the “Blind Sheikh” in Washington, D.C. in 1992. However, the FBI did not open an investigation]. pages 178-179

The report then describes Saudi Agent Bayoumi and their telephonic connections to Bandar and his wife.

Meanwhile Agent Bayoumi is hard at work….

“AL-Bayoumi filled out the rental applications in the names of Khalid, Nawaf, and himself, and listed his own address as the previous residence of both Khalid and Nawaf even though they had never lived there. Khalid and Nawaf each signed their own signatures on the applications, and Al-Bayoumi signed his own signature on the application and as guarantor.”

9/11 Commission report pretends Bayoumi wasn’t covering the role Thumairy played housing the hijackers in Los Angeles as their contact in America

9-11 Commission report:

“The rental application states that Hazmi and Mihdhar resided in Bayoumi’s apartment from January 15 to Feb 2, 2000 but Bayoumi denies it, and we have found no reason to dispute his denial. According to Bayoumi, he was in such a hurry to complete the rental transactions that he signed the application form without reading it.”…

Try that sometime and see if you get away with it. Lie on an application, and if you get caught just say you didn’t bother reading what you wrote. Bayoumi is the one that filled out their application.

FBI report:

“Al-Hazmi and Khalid Al-Mihdhar attended introductory flight lessons in April/May of 2000 in California but after experiencing language difficulties, they stopped attending.”

At that same time Bayoumi was given a raise of over $3000 a month…..

“In April 2000, Bayoumi received a promotion and his status was also adjusted from “single” to “married” (despite the fact that he was already married)”…

9-11 Commission meets with the Saudis

“Meeting with Deputy Foreign Minister Nizar Madani
Location: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Riyadh

Philip Zelikow began with an overview of the Commission’s work and asked questions on the Kingdom’s willingness and capacity to fight terrorism, both before and after September 11 2001.

Nizar expressed disbelief about the allegations regarding Princess Haifa, noting that it was preposterous that she was involved in terrorism. Zelikow expressed understanding of this position and explained that the interest was primarily due to the unclear role of Osama Bassnan – if the Commission could learn more about his role, everything could be put in a clearer perspective.”

Their interview with Basnan didn’t go well…..

“The interview failed to yield any new information of note. Instead, in the writer’s opinion, it established beyond cavil the witness’ utter lack of credibility on virtually every material subject.”

Their meeting with Thumairy didn’t go well either……

From their interview with Thumairy:

“Upon arriving in Los Angeles, al-Thumairy stayed in a hotel close to both the KFM and the Saudi consulate for approximately one week. He then moved into an apartment on Kelton Avenue, near Venice Boulevard. AI-Thumairy said he subsequently moved from this apartment to a house in Culver City on Huron Avenue.”

All within walking distance of the Mediterranean Cafe where Bayoumi meets the Hijackers as this Google map shows Kelton Avenue is about 1 block from the cafe, Kelton is about 4 blocks away and the KFM is a short distance Southwest of the cafe……,+CA+90034&ie=UTF-8&hq=&hnear=0x80c2ba374da836b5:0xc3887eea8b8…

The exact location of the Mediterranean Cafe is 10863 Venice Boulevard and the meeting took place on 02/01/2000 as this FBI report shows…..

Continuing with the interview of Thumairy….

“Notably, without being asked, Thumairy volunteered that he did not find an apartment for these visitors or make any reservations for them. He also denied recognizing the names Qualid Moncef Benomrane and Mohdar Abdullah. AI-Thumairy stated that he did not recognize the name Omar al-Bayoumi. When shown a photo of al-Bayoumi, aI-Thumairy first denied recognizing him. At this time, Major Khalid whispered something to him in Arabic, and Thumairy said in English, Oh, Bayoumi.” Al-Thumairy then acknowledged that he recognized al-Bayoumi because he had seen him on television, but he denied ever seeing him in Los Angeles.”

“Despite being confronted with these facts, al-Thumairy continued to deny knowing al- Bayoumi.”

They had two interviews with Thumairy….

9-11 commission second interview with Thumairy:

“At this point, al-Thumairy was asked again about Omar al-Bayoumi. Al-Thumairy was reminded that at his interview the previous night, he had initially denied recognizing al- Bayoumi until Major Khalid said something to him, which was when he acknowledged recognizing al-Bayoumi from the media. AI-Thumairy was also informed that we have information that shows numerous phone calls between him and al-Bayoumi over a short period in December 1999, from both al-Thumairy’s cell and landline phones. Finally, al-Thumairy was told that since speaking with him the prior night, we were told by another witness [i.e. Khalil al-Khalil] that he had been seen meeting with al-Bayoumi on several occasions at the KFM. Despite being confronted with these facts, al-Thumairy continued to deny knowing al- Bayoumi.”

“Our general impression of Thumairy is that he was deceptive during both interviews.”

Their meeting with Saud al-Rasheed didn’t go well either..

“We believe that al-Rasheed was being deceptive. His our impression that he has had enough time to develop a coherent story and is sticking to it (and that he even may have been coached at some point).”

For info on him see….

At the very same time that investigators were discovering how Saudi Arabia was directly involved in the 9-11 attacks President Bush and his administration made it against the law to tell the truth by classifying the information in order to point the finger at Iraq

Leading to War (2008)

After America is Attacked by their Ally Saudi Arabia and their other Ally Israel monitors and documents the event, The U.S. Military Industrial Complex send Americans’ tax dollars down the toilet spending trillions of dollars and sending thousands of young patriots to their deaths protecting Saudi Arabia and Israel. The American people have been scammed by traitors and it’s time to pay the piper.

Richard Clarke interview: 9/11 and CIA Malfeasance
Bill Maher interviews Bob Graham - 9/11 Saudi Connection

Richard Clarke full interview Produced by Ray Nowosielski and John Duffy can be seen here…..

Bob Graham full interview

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