The Official Video: ReThink911 September 2013

Watch the Official ReThink911 Video and Make Your Own! As part of this massive global effort, we invite our supporters to create your very own short video showing your support for ReThink911. For inspiration, check out this fantastic early promotional video which features an actual video created by Niels Harrit and the Danish 9/11 Truth Action Committee

ReThink911 July 2013 Pre-Launch Video

Please post your video to YouTube by the end of Sunday, July 14. In the video description, please include a link to Email your video link to, and we will post the five most inspiring videos to the AE911Truth and ReThink911 Facebook pages on Wednesday, July 17.

Your videos will be instrumental in helping ReThink911 go viral, and together we will reach our fundraising target of $225,000 by August 1.

We are already at $150,000, so we have three weeks left to raise $75,000. Send us your video by next Sunday, and don’t forget to donate to the city of your choice by going to to support this unprecedented global campaign and remember – with a donation of $50 you will receive a free ReThink911 bumper sticker to help spread the word (US and Canada). If there was ever an effort worthy of your support, it’s this one.

You can also follow the campaign on and

ReThink911 campaign promotional video:

Video created by Niels Harrit, his wife actress Pernille Grumm and the Danish 9/11 Truth Action Committee!

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