The Truth about the 28 Pages and its Enduring Cover-up

Written by Barry Kissin

The lead sponsors of the legislation to uncover the 28 pages of the Congressional report (link is external) on the attacks of 9-11 were Representative Walter Jones and Senator Rand Paul, two Republicans in fact, both practically unique in their unabashed opposition to our constant wars of intervention. The release of the 28 pages is a victory for Americans who yearn for peace. It comes at a desperate moment in human history. It is imperative and urgent that peace activists take full advantage of the released 28 pages.

The essential truth about the 28 pages is that our own government, (Bush administrations followed by Obama administrations), ever since 9-11, has covered up Saudi Government complicity in 9-11. All the while, our government has continued to maintain very close relations, especially with the Saudi Intelligence Agency and the Saudi military.

The New York Times says the pages were “kept secret for nearly 14 years out of concern that it might fray diplomatic relations between the United States and Saudi Arabia.” We are supposed to accept as believable and legitimate that our government covered up Saudi complicity in 9-11 in order to maintain diplomatic relations and financial relations and everlasting Saudi cooperation in the never-ending Global War on Terror.

All of the top Bush administration officials, Bush, Cheney, Rice, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Powell, Tenet, during the run-up to our invasion of Iraq, lied over and over again about fabricated Iraqi links to al Qaeda and complicity in 9-11, while they all knew about, and it now must become recognized, coordinated with the Saudis in 9-11.

The name that arises 17 times in the 28 pages is that of Prince Bandar bin Sultan. He is no “low-level” Saudi government official. He has been central to the Saudi-American alliance since the early eighties. Ultimately, he served 22 years as the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. — through 9-11 and until 2005. This is the man known as “Bandar Bush,” a nickname given to him by George W., based on Bandar’s very longstanding and close affiliation with the Bush family.

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