DOT officials trying to stop 9/11 graffiti on bridges, overpasses…


Some graffiti popping up on highways has a lot of people talking, and the state isn't too happy about how a group of vandals are trying to get their message across.

Eyewitness News explains what it all means and the lengths one state agency is going to cut down on it.

When people drive around central Connecticut, it's hard to miss some of the graffiti popping up on bridges, overpasses and road signs that says “9-11 Truth,” “W-T-C” and “Building 7.”

All the phrases are scrawled across overpasses on some major highways. The Connecticut Department of Transportation is fed up with graffiti and doesn't have enough resources to keep up with it.

“It's finite resources,” said Kevin Nursick, who is spokesman for the Connecticut DOT. “There are a lot of needs out there. There are limited funds.”

And it's the taxpayers picking up the tab to clean it all up.

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