A Big THANK YOU to All My Listeners

A Big THANK YOU to All My Listeners

I want to take this opportunity to thank all of my listeners and in particular, those who have made the effort to help us here at Visibility 9-11 and those who have taken the time to send us comments.

The failing economy, and especially the crippled housing market has had a dramatic effect on me and my family.  I am a contractor and work mostly on residential home building and remodeling.  The last year, particularly the last 6 months has been terrible and the worst I have seen in 12 years since I began my business.  I have been blessed with some great help from the church that I go to, however, this is helping to cover my basic needs and cannot be counted on to help me with my 9-11 work.

Our plea for help in getting the cost associated with the show and website have not gone unanswered.  I was humbled and blown away by the response that I received and am truly grateful to each and every one of you who got involved and helped us.  Asking for help is not something I have ever been comfortable with and if I had my way I would never do it again.  It’s nice to know that if the need does arise, that I have the backing of some great folks who are eager to get involved with our efforts at Visibility 9-11.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

I also want to take this chance to thank all those who have taken the time to write letters of encouragement and support.  I cannot tell you all how much these letters mean to me so keep them coming.  Below is a collection of emails that I have received that I want to share with everyone.

Again, thank you all for taking the time and caring!

Best Wishes in Truth-

Michael Wolsey


Michael,  I am so appreciative of your podcasts.  I have loved the podcasts recently about the nanothermite.  I feel I have friends on the other end of my I-pod.  –Paul

Michael,  First I love your podcast. Thank you.  Keep up the good fight. You are a true patriot. God bless you and protect you.  –Dan

Hi Michael.  Thanks again for all of your hard work to bring out the truth about 9/11.  I just made a donation.  I wish you the best!  -Paul

“Visibility 9-11 with Michael Wolsey” is an excellent radio show. This program is well produced and offers information, analysis, and viewpoints that are badly needed in our age of corporate controlled media. The most important feature of this great program is that it emphasizes the need for truth about the events of 9/11, a need that affects all people. –Kevin Ryan

Thank you for such a great site I was WTC Chaplain from Ohio.  It is hard since I do not know any other responders from Ohio.  I do enjoy your site I found it over the weekend.  God bless you for what you are doing.  Thank you, -Fr. Stephen Petrovich,  First Responder from Ohio 911

Michael, Your show is the absolute best on the internet.  I have been involved in 911 Truth for years now – and yours is the only site I believe brings together, informs and clarifies for both those seasoned in their understanding as well as those new to studying truth.  Thank God for you and for the work you do.  –Martha

Thank you so much for using “September Eleven Blues” in your excellent podcast. I really enjoy listening to your show, I’m hooked for sure!! Loved the James Hoffman episode, I’m still going through all the archives!  –Jesse Goplen

Hey, brother. I’ve been listening to the show for some time now and I love it.   -TruthSeeker

Hi Michael, thanks for being part of Radio Revolution!!! Wishing you a perfect day, love.  –RR.

Hi Michael,  I admire what you’re doing re 911.  –Annie Machon

Michael,  Thank you. I am an avid listener to your show and appreciate greatly all your hard work.  -E.B.

Hey Michael!  I really enjoyed your last two shows, especially the Awakening.  Thanks again for all your great work and take care Michael.  -Dustin

You rule.  Seriously.  I downloaded the 4 part segment on cointelpro, and it kicked ass.  -Tom

THANK YOU!  I want to thank you for posting The Unearthing.  I posted it a few weeks ago and wrote to the author….Now it is on MP3.  Wow, great….Thanks.  This speaks to me deeply and I think it will speak to many truthers everywhere…Peace and Love.  -Pamela

Hey Michael,   I saw your bulletin about your interview with us and we listened to it. We thought it was awesome. We got to cover a lot of topics, it was great, and you played a lot of our songs too and they sounded great. Thank you so much, you did a fantastic job.  –Three Shoes Posse

Hey Michael,  Loved the disinfo piece. You can use our music anytime on the show. I think you set a good example.   “If you really care about this movement, you’ll educate yourself on this.”  Truly great.  –Jesse from Cultural Relativity now known as The Ameros

Michael, I’ve already listened to it [the interview with William Pepper] twice. You have one of the best podcasts out there. Keep up the good fight brother!  –D.M. Slaughter

Hello Michael,  I am a listener of Visibility 9-11 and I am particularly interested that you have covered the issue of disinformation.  Thank you for your work and excellent internet radio show.
-Rob Falotico, Truthmove.org

Michael, Your new website is great! It is full of very useful information, research links etc. To put it mildly it kicks all ass! Love your blog. Once I get an Ipod I will be listening to your podcasts. I can’t wait for your store link to open up.  –Steve

Michael,    I really appreciate your podcasts.  Thanks for reminding me about OKC.  Just as with JFK and 911, the perps tried to get their story out in front.  Some of us are learning to shovel through the crap storm toward the truth.  Thanks for your efforts.  -John

Hello Michael,  Once again, you’ve laid down another great show in your pod cast files. The OKBIC and I cannot thank you enough for your continued interest and support in the OKC bombing case. You are correct; The OKC bombing was one of SEVERAL cases that were a prelude to the horrific events on 9/11/01.  The OKBIC [The Oklahoma Bombing Investigation Committee], myself and several hundred victims family members and survivors of the OKC bombing appreciate your excellent work.  As always, with best regards,  Chris Emery, OTR Films, LLC, OKC, OK

Hello Michael, Excellent show, Ralph’s a great guest. Until his outburst I had a great admiration of Tarpley’s oration, I am now re-reading synthetic terror and seeing it in a new light.  I assume his esteem was widespread; a personalized attack from movement nobility must have been a horrible and shocking experience. You have handled this upsetting situation admirably. Bravo Michael.   -Dylan

Hey Michael,  I have loved the show for a while now. I respect you greatly and think what you do is very much needed.  I would love to send you one of our shirts http://conspiracyclothes.com just tell me what size and where to send it and Ill get it right out.  Stay bold.  –Chris White

Michael,  Have been listening to your podcasts on Itunes for some time, and would like to add my thanks to you personal efforts.  Keep strong, there are people who believe in you and the truth movement, even if some of us are not Americans.  Take care of you and your family, and remember, one life, so live it ! Best and Kind regards  -Ian.

Hey Michael,  You have a righteous mission that you approach with sensitivity and respect for the subject. You are inspiring me to do the same.  Thanks   -Jeff

Michael, For the time being I’ve got an hour and a half commute. I’ve been listening to the visibility 9/11 podcast for several months and been jumping episode to episode depending on jumped out at me the most from the titles.  My newly found time behind the wheels is giving me a chance to start at the beginning and listen in order. Downloaded all the episodes to my ipod and finished out the pilot episode, and started on episode two this morning.  It’s a great thing what you’re doing, shining light on cover-up for the benefit of all now and in the future. Don’t ever stop broadcasting.  –Chris

“Big up to Michael Wolsey for featuring our track “March of the Freshman” on his podcast. The song is heavily laden with social commentary and samples, and short of independent broadcasters such as Michael Wolsey who are willing to air more aggressive and controversial music on their programs would likely NEVER be broadcast to a listening public.  Cheers to Michael for his activism and consistently high level of professionalism in bringing the best and most researched information to his audience. It is appreciated.”  —Experience KEF

Hi Michael,  I am in a band, Third Bullet, from the UK. I download your podcasts from itunes every time you release a new one. I find them enlightening and informative and have started listening to all of them from your first broadcast and have listened to 18 in the last few days.  I will start advertising your podcasts on our bands flyers when we start booking gigs again.  All the best.

I like listening to these interviews. Wolsey is always soothing and interesting to listen to. He is the kind of guy you enjoy hearing talk. He is ‘real’. And he has ‘real” guests. The genuine concern emanates in his shows along with some very interesting insights.  And Michael plays some great music! …like that one show’s close with Heartson’s “The Sound of Angels”   -Tom

Hi Michael!  I cannot tell  you how much I appreciate your podcasts. Thank you so much.  Please do not give up on this!  My heart and wishes are with you in your labors and efforts to get the truth out and about.  You are a saint.  -Kelli

Hey Michael, my name is Jake from Oregon. I just want to say I love the show, it woke me up to the truth. Thank You.   -Jake

Hi Michael, Love your podcasts, thank you for what you’re doing for your country.  –Kathy

Mr. Wolsey, Just want to thank you for all you’re doing.  I just became aware of the 9/11 cover-up
a few months ago. I listen to all your podcast at work.  I’ve heard them all and learned a great deal.  –Lee

Michael, I’m dropping you line, first and foremost to tell you great work and I really appreciate your dedication. I look forward to you podcasts whenever they become available.  Thank you for doing what you do. I appreciate you work.  Best regards and good luck to yourself and the movement. –Bruce

Dear Michael, I’d like to congratulate you on your amazing work in exposing the lies of 9/11. I live in Japan and I am a regular listener to your Visibility 911 podcast. Please keep up the great work.   –Ian

Michael,  I admire and appreciate the work you are doing concerning 9/11.Keep up the good work and the spreading of truth!  -Shanna

Michael, Thank you for all you do.  Hearing your interview with Gage was what finally solidified in my mind that 911 was an inside job. Prior to that, I was researching and considering, but still not committed. That was the deal breaker.  –David

Michael,  Happy birthday in 3 days Mr. Wolsey!   STILL am a fan of your podcast and I will ALWAYS support your movement!  We LOVE what you do here in suburban Detroit!  –Doc Drew

Michael,  Thanks for the great interviews!  I just recently discovered podcasts…and now I listen to subjects of real substance in the venue of my choice.  I subscribe to yours and think you do an exceptional job with a very tough subject to talk about to the everyday person who doesn’t want to believe their gov’t would do this to Americans. Keep up the great job!  -Ken

Dear Mr. Wolsey,  Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of 911 Truth. I have been catching up on the podcasts and just wanted to touch base and let you know how grateful I am. Best, -Albert

Michael-   Love the show! Thanks for all that you do.  -Jake and Chrissy

Dear Michael, I’m dropping you a line to let you know how much I enjoy your show and how much I appreciate all the hard work that you do in getting the message of truth out to everyone. I hope you’re doing well.  Sincerely, Kevin

I´m a big, probably one of the biggests fan of yours…thanks a lot for spreading those importants informations. Congrats  -Leonardo, from Brazil.

I downloaded one show to give it a try, next thing you know, I have downloaded almost every episode that is available.  Even if you think you know everything about 9-11 or just starting to wake up, listen to the show and you will learn a lot about what is really going on in the world today.  The show features many prominent people in the movement and Mr. Wolsey obviously works very hard to put such a great informative show together each and every week.  -Kyle

I was apprehensive about listening to this podcast.  I recently checked out another one about permaculture and self sufficiency but the guy doing that show was like a know it all jerk who would rub your face in his sweaty armpit after he finished mowing his lawn.  This show is nothing like that!  This show is approachable, presented by a group of people who don’t think they are smarter than you and they really give you a ton of fantastic resources to further your own research.  This podcast makes me excited that there really are people awakening out there who will be standing with me in the front lines taking back our freedoms from this corporate global elite, and reinstating a real American democracy.  Stay awake, listen to this, turn off your crappy TV.  -Spiritual Deep Dish

Why don’t we hear this through the main stream media?  This should be required listening for all Americans!  -Steve

Ever since I subscribed to this podcast I’ve been listening to it non-stop in my car.  Some of them I have listened to 2 or 3 times in a row.  Great information and expert interviews make this podcast a must listen for anyone wanting answers about what really happened on September 11th, 2001.  -SC

Having downloaded and listened to all of his podcasts, and having listened to some podcasts twice or three times, I eagerly await each podcast.  They are all stored and saved, never to be lost by me.  I am hungry for more Michael.  Never stop.  Excellent podcasts for those who want to know.  -K from K

Your Visibility 9/11 podcast has been an invaluable resource since I awoke in 2008. Thanks for all of the work that you have invested in the name of truth.  -James

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