Another Letter For 9/11 Truth In The Newspaper

New investigation is needed

To the Editor:

What if the “official” accounting of what happened on 9/11 is false? What if, in fact, it’s a lie, and a big one at that, complete with corporate/media/propaganda cover-up? Especially with corporate/media/propaganda. Without backing from the media, the story wouldn’t fly. What would that make this “war on terror?” A fraud? Since when do steel buildings free-fall to the ground, like WTC 7? From fire? What about WTC7 anyway?

Never have building fallen like it did before or since. When did jumbo jets start disappearing when they crash like the Pentagon and Shanksville. There really was no wreckage to speak of. Where were the wings, the engines, the tails, the seats, bodies and everything else you see when a 757 hits the ground, they didn’t evaporate. The Kean/Hamilton commission did a terrible job at answering all the glaring problems. More like a white-wash. Now, in their new book, they say they think the Pentagon lied to them. Ya think? A great read on this is David Griffin’s Omissions and Distortions. They can’t explain NORAD changing their timeline a total of seven times, WTC7, not one word, Able Danger, and a host of other relevant facts.

WTC7 is proof the “official” story is wrong. Ever watched the video of it coming down? They didn’t play it much on CNN or NBC. Ever wonder why? Because it’s the smoking gun of the whole thing. [It’s proof because it’s an obvious controlled demolition, which we all know takes weeks of planning, hence, foreknowledge of the attack, which means, inside job, and somebody way up the chain of command, and not the president.]

When people say the president knew, I think they’re mistaken. He’s too dumb to be in on such a plan. He looks like he doesn’t have a clue what is going on sitting there in Sarasota. He, along with the country was hijacked that day by a group way up. Somebody above him. Probably someone wearing a highly decorated military uniform. The public has been deliberately deceived into war, by our own government. The future of this country is in serious jeopardy with these folks controlling our government. It’s really too bad the media has also been hijacked along with this country. I hope you’ll fight to re-open a new, real investigation.

Chris Noth

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